Third trimester bump update Q & A…

I realized I haven’t done a bump update since my first trimester! So here it goes. OMG you guys I thought this pregnancy would have been my easiest yet, but boy was I wrong. I have experienced everything from the usual morning sickness to a nasty heat rash during my first and second trimesters.

Now I am in my last trimester or what some like to call the fourth trimester! I don’t know if I ever understood that before, but after this pregnancy I sure do, ha ha. Also the saying, all pregnancies are different are definitely true in my case. I thought my body was an old pro already having two, but it has felt more like I have never been pregnant before!

Third trimester bump update

So to give you a true bump update I thought I would break it down like this…


Third Trimester Q & A


Q: Do you have any weird cravings?

A: No, I’m a pretty boring eater! I generally don’t have many cravings with pregnancy, it’s more about survival for me! I did get excited when I had a brief break of morning sickness and thoroughly enjoyed a bag of twizzlers!

Q: Do you workout?

A: Yes, however I haven’t at all since week 25. I generally try to workout at least twice a week, but I have had uncomfortable Braxton Hicks for more than two months now. The more active I am the more I seem to have, insert sad face here.

Q: What has been the easiest part of this pregnancy?

A: Hands down my doctor appointments. I am so glad I decided on Babymoon inn because they treat me like royalty and every appointment has been so easy and relaxing. I could not say this about my first two pregnancies!

Q: What has been the hardest part of this pregnancy?

A: All the aches and pains in my abdomen. I have had it all like, ligament pain and pulling to uncomfortable and regular Braxton Hicks contractions. I take it easy, but can be challenging with a busy life and two other kiddos to take care of.

Q: Lastly, are you excited about having another girl?

A: Yes absolutely. I’m not gonna lie I did fantasize about having a little man, but when we found out we were having another girl we quickly realized it is God’s plan for us to raise up three, beautiful ladies.

Third trimester bump update Third trimester bump update Third trimester bump updateThird trimester bump updateThird trimester bump update


xo, Nicole