Postpartum thoughts: the good, the bad and the ugly!

I am on day 38 since giving birth to our third baby girl and for the most part, I feel really good! The day Holland was born was a magical morning and the week following was equally amazing. Something about a new, little, squishy, baby to hold in your arms is one of my favorite things in life. Ok, so the funny thing about postpartum is that several changes take place and to me, there is the good, the bad and oh yes even the ugly!

Let’s go right to the ugly, shall we?

THE UGLY- Ok, so there’s adult diapers and this is not even the ugly part in my opinion instead I would like to hug whoever invented these genius disposable gems! No, the ugly part is the FOREVER long period-like sesh that greets you right after birth! I have been through this three times and it was my first time using those beloved diapers. I highly recommend my friends, swallow your pride go to the store and buy yourself a jumbo pack because they will be your best friend for those first few weeks postpartum, I promise!

THE BAD- Holy hormones am I right? Again this is my third go around and I really experienced the ugly with my first baby. I was a wreck after the first three days postpartum and I wish someone had told me what it was I was experiencing? Hormones during pregnancy are one thing, but when they pitfall on you, it’s rough, like really rough. Anywhere from a week to three weeks postpartum I tend to feel bluesy. I can’t totally pinpoint what I mean about feeling bluesy just that anything at any time can make you cry. What has helped me during these moments is being able to talk to my husband, my mom, good friends and I always say, I couldn’t do any of this without God. He is my rock and reading scripture is very soothing for me especially during times like this.

Then you will have days when you feel like you cannot get anything done! I am currently having one of those days right now. Something that helps me on days like these besides a lot of patience and prayer is to remind myself these moments do not last forever, they are fleeting and eventually work and chores will get done. I’m already freaking out that Clara; our oldest will be seven next month! Time really flies I tell you.

If you don’t know already newborns can get fussy like crazy little fits of fuss and it always seems to be at the times when you and your spouse are the most tired which brings me to breastfeeding. Holly wants to nurse around the clock and it’s tough when it leads to sore nipples. By the way, I plan on dedicating a whole post about the things I have learned about breastfeeding and I will go into more detail about my experience with you in the future. Stay tuned!

I saved the best for last because there is soo much good!

THE GOOD- The very first day is always my favorite because nothing else seems to matter, it is just you and baby and everything in the world is sweet and sublime! Skin to skin time is another favorite of mine along with breastfeeding. Even though breastfeeding has its challenges I truly love the bonding time. Holland is our last baby so I have been really soaking up all of it. The good, the bad and yes even the ugly!