Married to my best friend, celebrating fifteen years!

I have been married to my best friend for 15 years. This week marks our fifteenth wedding anniversary and I can’t believe it has been this long already! Time really flies by quickly doesn’t it? I mentioned our love story in another post, but this is an open love letter to my man crush, my bae, my best friend and forever love in this life.

Recently, I was getting my nails done when our song came on, the song that has forever bonded our hearts together. On one of our very first dates this same song played twice in the hour we were enjoying our late night Dunkin donuts and juice. Yes, I said donuts and juice ha ha we were just babies then ha ha! So whenever I hear this song play it always takes me right back to that special night when Kevin first proclaimed his feelings for me.

All these years I have been so honored to be his bride. I miss him when we are apart for more than a day. I hate sleeping alone when he is away on business. I love picking him out of a crowd and the smile he still gives me across the way.

Kevin will always be the calm to my crazy, the easy going to my feisty and the reasonable to my doubtful thinking. I love my husband with all my heart and I am so grateful God answered my prayers because Kevin is the husband I prayed for fifteen years ago.

He is an amazing man, husband and father. I am so proud to call him mine. I hope and pray we will be blessed with a long life together to watch our children and hopefully their children grow up. I love my husband, my best friend and I cherish our marriage and the moments we get to spend together.

my best friend

best daddy

amazing man

my bae, 15 years of marriage


xo, Nicole