Holiday family gift guide 2016 – gifts the whole family can enjoy!

Ok, I woke up today and it finally felt like Fall! Yes, Yahoo! I love how the rain here in Phoenix almost always cools down our weather. Thanksgiving is just days away now and so is Black Friday, I have to insert a BIG gulp here. Something about large crowds and crazy drivers, yikes! I have never gone out on Black Friday and I’m good with that! I prefer to check out deals online rather than join the crowds in the stores.

Here in the Flower casa we don’t put a lot of emphasis on gifts during the holiday season. I mean we all love gifts around here especially my two cutie pie, little girls. Kevin and I just like to take a simple approach to buying gifts for each other ad for our family. However, I will say he normally breaks our rule and will buy me something really special anyway! He is already bugging me about my birthday, I really can’t complain can I and I won’t.

Gifts are amazing, I’m not going to deny that, but when it comes to the Christmas holiday especially, the emphasis is on Jesus. I want my girls to enjoy every minute of tearing through colorfully wrapped Christmas packages just like I did as a kid, but I don’t want them to think that’s all there is. We all have so much already and I love that our girls have a pretty good understanding even at their tender ages. 

One of the ways we try to keep things simple when it comes to buying gifts is thinking of things we can all enjoy together as a family. I made a list of some of our favorite things below. 

  1. slippers and kids 2. advent calendar 3. tic-tac-toe 4. Christmas jammies 5. 3D advent calendar 6. popcorn maker 7. apple tv 8. large ‘Jenga’ style game 9. family popcorn bowls 10. pie face game 11. bike for mom + dad 12. kids bike

 I hope this list has inspired you, happy shopping and most of all Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas!

xo, Nicole