Friday favorites: fall edition

Yay it’s Friday or I like to say, it’s Friyay!

Fall has finally arrived for us Phoenicians and I am sooo happy because it is my favorite season of all. I mean it’s our shortest season, like three months worth but never the less my favorite.

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I have been crushing on a few things lately and I thought it would be fun to share with you. After all, this is really what my blog is all about, sharing my favorite things.😍

First up on my favorites list is the over-the-knee boot. For some reason, I have been afraid of this iconic look in the past. But I finally tried on a pair and it was instant love!

the over-the-knee boot

Balloon arches

Holland just turned ten months old and as much as I want to be in denial she will already be one in two short months! I am already planning the festivities and pinning away on Pinterest and I am in love with these balloon arches.

They range from simple to elaborate.

image: Pinterest


image: Lauren Conrad

Kale ya!

Another thing I was afraid of, kale. I mean it can be gross in my opinion but the health benefits far out way all of that.

So, you know how I fell in love with kale? Smoothies. I am obsessed with Salad and go’s kale and banana smoothie! It is so good and it makes me feel good too. Another favorite of mine is a finely chopped kale salad. Something about a fine chop makes the texture way more palatable. Once I master my own version I promise to share.

Last on my list is velvet. This is such a pretty look for fall and perfect for the holidays.

Actually velvet = holidays in my book. 

Velvet everything head to toe


xx, Nicole