A cool new way to register for baby!

I am always so amazed how much things can change in such a short amount of time! Like where were all these cool baby products just 5 years ago? My due date is rapidly approaching now and my nesting is out of control! I’m pretty sure I “nest” all the time around here, but pregnancy takes it to a whole new level!

Holland’s room is starting to move along finally; yay let the fun part begin! I will have some before and after pictures coming soon. So since this is not my first rodeo and here we are having our third baby and another girl, I thought I could share some wisdom for you first time mamas.

If you are planning on registering for your baby at several stores, most common ones still seem to be Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby. Well, let me tell you this is kind of a thing of the past! I mean I love these stores don’t get me wrong, but I discovered a one stop shop registry at babylist.com

So I mentioned a lot has changed in like 5 years, well there are so many fun small shops now along with all the great things you can get from the big stores mentioned above. Babylist.com allows you to add items from Etsy, Target, Babies R Us, Amazon and several more and it’s all part of the same registry. This is by far the easiest most efficient registry I have ever used!

You can check out my registry HERE to get an idea of how it works!

As an experienced mom of almost three now these are my favorite baby products.

  1. BUMBO – I wish I had this with both my first two, but I only had this with Luci. This is so great for encouraging sitting up and works great for snack time too. So easy to move around the house and take on trips!
  2. ADEN + ANAIS swaddle blankets – OMG my little one still takes hers to bed with her and she is 5! They are so soft, perfect for those first swaddles and you can use them to drape over baby’s car seat. I’m sure they have more purposes than this, but these were our favorite ways to use.
  3. BUTT PASTE – or a God send! I mean when your sweet baby’s bottom gets their first rash, not only are they in tears so are you! Boudreaux’s butt paste always worked like a charm and made even the worst rashes disappear overnight! Be careful not to get on clothing though because it will stain, the only down side.
  4. SLEEP SHEEP – My favorite sound machine of all time and yes another thing we still use. This belongs to my oldest, Clara who is 6. She still loves to be soothed by a bubbling brook or ocean waves! This is an easy item to travel with too.
  5. RE-PLAY – After many sippy cup trials these were the best. Not only are they super inexpensive they are durable and never leak! This company totally got it right! We also love their little utensils. Everything produced from RE-Play is made from 100% recycled, plastic milk jugs. So cool and you can feel good about the environment too!

I saved the best part for last woot, woot. I have an awesome GIVEAWAY for you! Please leave me a comment with your favorite baby item to be entered to win a feeding set like this one from RE-PLAY. Giveaway will close November 22 and the winner will be notified by the company.Re-play feeding set


xo, Nicole