Confession of a guilty Mom…

When my oldest daughter, Clara started full day Kindergarten I imagined parenting would be a lot easier only having to be daytime Mommy to one child. Somehow it is a whole heck of a lot harder than I imagined! When I had both babes at home I had a great system in place. I mean don’t get me wrong it was not always organized and complete with long afternoon naps, but life seemed to flow so much better. I also worked two days out of the house and had a Nanny on those two days.

So my confession is this I thought it would be easier simple math told me it would be. Life is anything but smooth on most days starting off with wanting to throw my alarm clock! Then I find myself trying to balance too many tasks, breakfast, chores, getting my Kinder out the door on time for school and the list goes on into the day and then the Mommy guilt creeps in. Why? My awesome plan I had in place for two now doesn’t work for one. So I am starting to rebuild and restructure a better plan so that when my sweet four year old says, “Mooms” can you play with me? My response will be yes instead of well maybe later honey.

Some of the things I know that work are going back to schedules like a cleaning schedule. There are many to choose from thanks to Pinterest that help to only concentrate on a few things each day and this does work! I really believe carving out time for the day is the best practice. I am looking forward to making better use of my time so that I can enjoy more moments like these below. I am beyond blessed to be Clara & Luci’s Mommy a.k.a Mooms!

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. —Philippians 4:13 NASB

Luci loves to swing more than anything!